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Family Immigration

Specialist UK immigration lawyers providing UK visa services based on relationships or ancestry. Fiance/e visas, Marriage/spouse visas, De facto/unmarried partner visas, Same-sex/civil partner visas, Family dependant visas, and UK Ancestry visas.

Spouse visas

Need help obtaining a Spouse visa? A UK Marriage visa (Spouse visa) enables your husband or wife to join you in the United Kingdom.

Same-sex/Civil Partner Visas

The Civil Partner visa applies to applicants in a same-sex relationship who have formed a Civil Partnership with a British/EU citizen or a UK Permanent Resident.

Fiancé / Fiancée Visas

Fiance/Fiancee visa advice for fiances/fiancees with a UK partner. Marry your loved one in the UK.

Unmarried Partner Visas

UK Unmarried Partner visas for those with a UK partner, who are unmarried. Lived with your de facto partner for 2 years?

Proposed Civil Partner Visas

Proposed Civil Partner/Same-sex visa. Yet to enter into a Civil Partnership, but require a visa to do so?

UK Family Dependant Visas

Dependant visa. UK Family Dependency visa advice, guidance and services. Information for people hoping to have their dependants move or stay in the UK.

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