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We also understand financial burden and worries that the legal process can present and want to ease that burden and help you manage the legal costs of your case in a clear and simple cost structure

Solicitor hourly rate                                                    £180* plus VAT

Trainee Solicitor hourly rate                                       £120* plus VAT

Fixed fees**

Divorce                                                                       £500 plus VAT

Financial Clean Break settlement (agreed)                £250 plus VAT

Financial Court Hearings-

Domestic Abuse Court Hearings

Children Court Hearings

Change of Name Deeds for Adults                              £100 plus VAT

Cohabitation Agreement                                              £500 plus VAT

*  each hour is broken down into 6 min units and charged by the unit

** all fees are excluding court fees and any out of pocket expenses such as travel costs and parking and any process servers fees where documents need to be served personally



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