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We can advise you in relation to Residence, Contact, Parental Responsibility and protection for the children.

A residence order will determine where the child/ren will live although in practice no orders are made as to residence unless it is necessary to make such as order.

A contact order sets out the types of contact and the frequency of it.

Parental responsibility is shared jointly between all married parents, even after a divorce, so long as the child is under 18. Unmarried fathers can acquire parental responsibility either by agreement with the mother of the child/ren or by order of the court, and now, if the father’s name is on the birth certificate of the child/ren

A prohibited steps order limits when certain parental rights and duties can be exercised.

A specific issue order contains directions to resolve a particular issue in dispute in connection with the child

The court will give the following three principles the highest priority:

In deciding whether an order should be made, the court will have regard to:

There is also a presumption that the court should not intervene unless it is in the best interests of the child.

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